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Discover Your Sacred Genius

Combining*Discover Your Sacred Gifts* by Natalie Uroda, CPC

AND *Discover Your Genius* by Marla Mac, MBA

8-Week Online Group Program 

Two programs in one!

Begins Tuesday January 5, 2021

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Human Design brings together principles of the I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakras and Quantum Physics.

Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your Success Blueprint -- the one that is unique to you!

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"After completing my reading with Marla (and listening to the recording a few more times) I could see how the concepts of networks stood out -- and it also really resonated with my deep intuition about my next steps (I'm a Splenic Projector).

It was great to get this information because, as a Projector, I tend to shy away from working in teams or groups, but after understanding my chart more, I see how partnering with others will only help strengthen my message and my ability to reach more people!

I have already identified some exciting partnerships I am looking to grow and can't wait to see where it takes me!"

Colleen B Coaching  Solutions for Women's Nutrition and Health (Milwaukee, WI)

Colleen B.
1/3 Splenic Projector

“Thank you Marla, for clarity in my business. I was at an impasse and wasn’t sure what to do to move forward.

After your session, I figured out what to do and started attracting opportunities into my life and business almost immediately.”

Darcy Herring, Parenting Coach

Darcy Herring

1/3 Sacral Manfesting Generator

“Marla really gives you a great resource of info on Human Design in her workshop.

I'm excited to dig in more and apply the traits I have into further self-development.”

Angela Wills, Founder

Laptop Lifestyle

2/4 Sacral Pure Generator

“Marla is fantastic. Her understanding and passion for Human Design is contagious. 

I recommend working with Marla to help better understand how you operate.”

Kristen Lake, Breakthrough Coach

Kristen Lake

4/1 Emotional Manfesting Generator

About Marla

MARLA MAC is a Genius Coach. She helps frustrated clients discover and leverage their unique Genius and Purpose, so their business, money and soul can thrive.
She uses powerful tools to help her clients get more clarity on their Genius, Purpose and direction. These tools are the key to making better decisions in every area of their money, business and life.
She combines her money coaching expertise, business knowledge, and marketing and communications skills to help her clients.

Marla has immersed herself into discovering your passions and life purpose through specific training modalities, including Human Design. She has dedicated, and continues to dedicate, hundreds of hours of training, as well as self-study, in Human Design. 

Marla trained with Nicole Ebhart from 64 Keys on the Genius Report (a variation of Human Design for Career and Business), and with Master Human Design Trainer Karen Curry Parker for her core Human Design knowledge. Marla is a Level 2 Certified Human Design Specialist, and is training for Level 3 and Level 4 in Quantum Human Design (QHD). QHD combines traditional Human Design with new, more evolved and more empowering language, developed by Karen Curry Parker.

In addition to her Human Design expertise, Marla is a instructor in the area of money management. She is working on a Human Design course for Udemy.

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