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Uncover your life purpose, business strengths and career talents through Human Design

Discover the Work You Were Born to Do 

What is

Human Design brings together principles of the I Ching, Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakras and Quantum Physics.

Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place, to reveal your Unique Success Blueprint.

Online Courses

Unlock Your Potential with Human Design

Human Design 101 Online Course Series
This online course series covers the foundational material in Human Design. 
Find out how to unlock your potential by understanding your Unique Human Design Blueprint.

Study this material at your own pace. Review step by step, or jump straight to the parts that interest you most in each course. It's up to you!

Our Services

Human Design Consultations

Cut to the chase and get a personal, in-depth 1:1 consult package, using your specific Human Design Blueprint.

Package is two (2) 90-minute online sessions, for a total of three (3) hours covering your:

Energy Type
Life Purpose
Gifts and Talents

As well as how you might veer
off-track, and how get back on
your true path.

Discover Your Genius Program

Stay Tuned for more information as we work on this behind the scenes!

Corporate Employee Programs

Increase employee engagement and earn more profits and increase engagement by leveraging the untapped genius in your workforce.

Contact us to discuss custom program options.

Costs vary by project and number of employees.


“Thank you Marla, for clarity in my business. I was at an impasse and wasn’t sure what to do to move forward.

After your session, I figured out what to do and started attracting opportunities into my life and business almost immediately.”

Darcy Herring, Parenting Coach

Darcy Herring

1/3 Sacral Manfesting Generator

“Marla really gives you a great resource of info on Human Design in her workshop.

I'm excited to dig in more and apply the traits I have into further self-development.”

Angela Wills, Founder

Laptop Lifestyle

2/4 Sacral Pure Generator

“Marla is fantastic. Her understanding and passion for Human Design is contagious. 

I recommend working with Marla to help better understand how you operate.”

Kristen Lake, Breakthrough Coach

Kristen Lake

4/1 Emotional Manfesting Generator

MARLA MAC (McAlpine) is a Genius Coach and Human Design Maven. She helps frustrated business owners and career changers discover and leverage their unique genius, earning income through their purpose so their business and soul can thrive.
She uses her clients' Human Design Blueprint and other powerful tools to help her clients get more clarity on their genius and direction. These tools are the key to making better decisions in every area of their business and life.
She combines her Human Design knowledge, money coaching expertise, business knowledge and authentic sales, marketing and communications skills to help her clients in their lives and businesses.


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